VOYAGER™ seamlessly integrates hands-free voice dialling, GPS navigation, GPS tracking, RSAP (Remote SIM Access) and an easy to use and ergonomically-designed large physical keypad, a 3.5 inch colour touch screen and supports a wide range of smart and powerful applications such as spoken SMS or eMail.


Two phones, one phone number

Yes that’s right, you can use the voyager like a normal phone by simply inserting a sim card like any other phone but you can also use it without by using the BT Sim feature (RSAP). The RSAP feature allows the Voyager to remotely access the sim card from a compatible* hand held phone in turn giving you the use of the Voyager with your original number and phone plan. The benefits of this are many, reduced costs, simplicity of two phones - one number and then of course the benefits of the fixed phone giving superior coverage and audio quality. Click here to see RSAP explained.

*Compatible handsets are selected Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nexus & LG

Specifications - Voyager



  • UMTS 850/2100 Mhz
  • GSM Quad Band Based on Qualcomm chipset
  • Google Android operating system
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n
  • GPS BT-Sim
  • (RSAP)
  • WiFi HotSpot in Cab
  • Exchange and Google Contacts and Calendar Sync


Capacative Colour Touch Screen
3.5” LCD 320 x 480 pixels
Large fonts


Extra large, wide spaced buttons, 12 numeric keys, Send / End keys, 2 soft keys, 5-way navigation key, One-Touch access to voice mail



400MB Ram
600MB User memory
Up to 32GB MicroSD


VOYAGER & GPS Tracking


Whether it be tracking one vehicle or a fleet, we have a couple of recommendations of tracking services that will work with the VOYAGER truck phone seamlessly.

GPS-server is our number 1 choice, an incredibly low cost service at approximately $25-$30 per vehicle per year, 1/12th of normal subscriptions. The app on the phone can be locked by the administrator so tracking is always active and running in the background and unable to be disabled by the driver/operator. See the demo here

Evertrack A single user can be tracked for free, multiple users are billed for as little as $3 per month. The app on this service is not locked down and can be modified by the driver/operator at anytime. The app download is from

Although GlobalCom together with Ballistic Mobile Pty Ltd have no association, nor sell these services they are ones we use ourselves and have also recommended to several clients who are now enjoying a simplistic way of seeing where their vehicles are.

Please note, we do not sell, support or have any association these services, the apps are designed and supported by their respective owners.

RSAP - Two phones, one phone number

BT-Sim (RSAP) is where one device remotely access the Sim card of another device

and is then able to perform all functions as if the Sim were to be physical inserted. The advantages of using the Two Phones, One number are many, simplicity, ease of use, manageability, cost savings and practicality.

Is the BT-Sim feature better than a Bluetooth car kit? You bet, besides the extra features that the Voyager is able to provide, you will benefit with superior audio as the Voyager truck phone will handle all the audio processing, a device that is designed to work in a truck cabin effectively as the Voyager is handling all the audio processing. The second key benefit is that you are now using the cellular engine of the Voyager to transmit and receive your calls, further taking advantage of stronger and extended coverage with the directly connected external antenna.

The BT-Sim (RSAP) feature does depend on a compatible handset, currently the most common options are the latest Samsung “S” or “Note” models as well as selected Sony, HTC and LG phones. The link below will list an array of alternative options.